OnShape gets rid of non-competes, slaps DS with glove

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The article OnShape just dropped shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: they want to poach SW and AD employees, but can’t.

Still, there’s definitely a lot of truth in what they say. Employees at SW, for example, basically have to live for a year without pay, or take a year long temp job in an unrelated field if they ever want to work for a competitor. Sounds like a crap deal to me.



Non-compete clauses are pure BS. They are basically a slave labor clause to keep you at the company. If you leave, you have to as you pointed out Adam, sit on the bench for no pay for a designated period with no money. Or, take a temp job at a much reduced pay or possibly in a different field. Thus, making it difficult or impossible in this day and age to get employed again possibly at the same level you were before.


On the contrary, while I fully believe that DS has the money and would use it to try to enforce their non-compete clauses, most non-competes are not enforceable. And, if they do go to court, no jury is ever going to side with the “big corporation” over the little guy trying to get a job. If you have time to sit around payless, you have time to fight it in court and typically end up with a reasonable settlement instead.

I’ve been known to ignore non-competes for this very reason, or be up front with my new employer about a possible non-compete and get in writing that they’re lawyers will be assisting you.


The companies are jerks for having them in the first place.