Onshape Set to Raise $80M in New Funding

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So, this just came out of the Boston Business Journal. What’s amazing to me is the pre-money valuation… $800 million :open_mouth:


"Onshape, a Cambridge-based startup that specializes in computer-aided design (CAD), plans to raise $80 million in new funding, according to a venture capital research firm. That would put total funding to date for the three-year-old company at $144 million, with a pre-money valuation of about $800 million, according to data from Seattle-based venture capital research firm PitchBook Data Inc.


And the news hits…

Onshape Raises $80 Million in Funding Led By Andreessen Horowitz
Welcoming Silicon Valley’s Andreessen Horowitz to the Onshape Team
CAD Emerges from the Stone Age to Finally Join the Mobile Era

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I feel like such an ignorant savage only working on my Stone Age desktop while my upright evolved descendants are working mobile!

Perhaps, but they’re upright using a stone and chisel, while you’re man-handling a power driver.

What kind of engineers do they need?

Quite a few. Mostly on the software side… https://www.onshape.com/careers