Parts List Problem

Hi, I am a free-lance mechanical drafter

with a problem. I wish someone would be
able to help me.

A client sends me an assembly file (.iam).

In the BOM the components are listed in
the way they were assembled.

He wants me to document the assembly
and send it back to him with a Parts List that
has a ‘Part Number’ column that is sorted
alphanumerically and an ‘Item’ column
that starts at ‘1’ and increments by ‘1’.

This is what I do:

  1. In the Edit Parts List dialog box I click on
    the ‘Sort’ button and in the ‘Sort Parts List’ dialog
    box select ‘Sort by’ Part Number. Then ‘OK’.
  2. Again in the Edit Parts List dialog box I click
    on the ‘Renumber Items’ button which make the
    numbers in the ‘Item’ column sort in the ascending
    order and with blue color.
  3. I click on the 'Save Item Overrides to BOM’
    button and the ‘Item’ numbers turn black.
  4. Finally, I click on ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’.

The Parts List now has the desired arrangement.

The problem happens after I send the .idw file
to my client. On my client’s computer the Parts
List losses the arrangement I applied and reverts
back to the original 'according to assembly’

How do I make the arrangement I did permanent

without sending the assembly file back to my client?

Any help will be appreciated.

(Software:   Inventor 2016)


I would export the inventor file to an exchange format to break the link from the model.

pdf or dxf

Hope that helps.

Kind regards


Parts list and the BOM (embedded in the assembly) are two separate items. So, even though you saved the item number assignment overrides to the BOM, the sort orders are independent of each other. I always recommend to our designers that they first do the sorting/item number assignment in the BOM first, then do the Parts List last. Hope that helps.