Peachy Printer Update

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Not sure if anyone else jumped on the Peachy Printer bandwagon years ago, but Ryan Grayston posted an update on the Kickstarter project. Here’s the latest on the failed delivery:

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the form of good news…

The Police have yet to press charges. Although David admitted to everything on camera, he is not talking to or cooperating with the police. Kickstarter is being responsive to the Police and has advised that they obtain a warrant through MLAT (mutual legal assistance treaty) so that Kickstarter can give the police information without breaking their privacy policy. This is the best kickstarter can do, and I find it very respectable that Kickstarter sticks to their privacy policy. After all, the world would be a scarier place if companies volunteered such sensitive information to any police force on earth without due diligence. I dont think its Kickstarter’s place to do any more… Can you Imagine how much more of a cut they would have to take if they started fighting legal battles every time a campaign went sour? In this case I believe a crime has been committed, and therefore it is the police that have the budget and the authority to do something about it.

Since the last update we’ve had to shut down operations almost entirely. Shortly after I broke the news I was working on multiple investment deals, none of which panned out. The company was no longer able to afford rent at the headquarters, so everything has been moved to storage. All of the employees have been let go, and my brother and I have both had to find other work to make ends meet. That being said, I am still working on Peachy Printer in my spare time. I have tried all kinds of things to get this company back on its feet. I’m not going to quit. I still want to bring this project to a better end than this, although right now I’m not sure how I will do that.


What a sad story. I feel really bad for both of them, in a way. Obviously David was flat-out wrong in every way here - there is no excuse whatsoever - but I can still feel empathy for the (well deserved) shame and emotional suffering this must cause him.

Josh, I’m watching.


Lol. I felt the same way for them, ugh. Sad indeed, just looking at that timeline and all the drama… made me think the same about YOU :joy: