Philippe Forestier and Monica Menghini Out at Dassault

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Right on the heels of SOLIDWORKS World…

  • Effective next month, Philippe Forestier, Executive Vice President, Global Affairs & Communities and a founding member of Dassault Systèmes will retire.

  • Effective next month, Monica Menghini, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, will resign for family reasons.

  • Pascal Daloz has been appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Strategy Officer in her place.

  • Thibault de Tersant, currently Senior Executive Vice President and CFO, will take the position of General Secretary (Secrétaire Général). His role will include managing Dassault Systèmes’ business model strategy, Ethics & Compliance and La Fondation Dassault Systèmes.

  • Florence Verzelen joins Dassault Systèmes as Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions, Marketing, Global Affairs and Communications. In this role, Florence will be responsible for Dassault Systèmes’ strategy on further integrating Industry/Marketing/Workforce of the Future and public affairs.

Announcement from Dassault:


Not sure if or how this will trickle down to SolidWorks, but for sure change is much needed over there. From my point of view the last few years have been nothing but failures.


They need some sort of Satya Nadella to bring DS into the new world.


Yes, wondering as well. She was the one driving the charge with the 3DExperience platform (a platform I still think has not been communicated very well). I’ll be interested to see if there’s a shift away from that.

From her LinkedIn:

Yes, i resigned from 3DS, a company that i have cherished for 8 years and that i have inspired and helped guide to become the second biggest software company in Europe today and a true symbol of Innovation: the 3DEXPERIENCE company…

And i had a lot of fun being the sole ‘business engineer’ in a pool of talented real engineers. Yes, i have shattered many walls for them and with them, from the creation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to the offer portfolio for twelve industrial sectors, to the systemic approach of value creation methodology, to platform business model and value networks for our customers worldwide.

She’s moving to China.


The problem (At least at SWW) has been they keep pushing 3DExperience to end-users (Designers, Engineers). The 3DX is more of platform/ecosystem to deploy tools, the typical user has no clue what they are talking about. Plus, the fact that they have failed to deliver the few actual products they’ve shown (Mechanical Conceptual, Industrial Design, xDRIVE, xDESIGN), on top of being incompatible with SW and ridiculously expensive (if you’re a solidworks owner).


This is great news for Solid Edge.


Exactly what I’ve always thought of this weird 3DExperience stuff. “Find a need and fill it” works better than “let’s create irrelevant software that nobody seems to need and can’t possibly afford”.

Maybe they’re stuck in the twilight zone between the true user base made up of lots of tiny shops and the push to become another Catia which will, by nature, have very, very few small shops as customers. Pick one and excel at it. The competition is certainly starting to do so.


That small shops comment is definitely a key factor that I think Dassault was missing.
When cheap CAD software fills the needs, no one, not even big corps, are going to go with the high end package just because it’s presitgeous.
And, since most big corps are decreasing their engineering and design teams and instead outsourcing, more and more small shops are springing up to fill the void. We’re starting to see the beginning of the contract market being greater than the employee market. Small nimble shops are winning business on an as-needed or ad-hoc basis where large (slow) bureaucratic companies can’t compete with a static full-time employee base.
As an engineering consultant, I know that I could never buy into an entire experience. My customers and their needs are too varied for me to have a massive single vendor solution.


Blockquote know that I could never buy into an entire experience…

Specially now that are solid options to do that type of live/seamless collaboration, and require zero infrastructure. I did a trial of 3DX and guess what? I spend most of my time of that trial setting up and trouble shooting :triumph:


Every year I come back more confused from SWW :worried::man_facepalming:t5:


Mmm-hmmm. I would agree. Have actually struggled putting it into words.