Project Leopard (Fusion 360 in the Browser)

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Get ready. Here we go. The browser-based CAD war is ON. Autodesk now has a browser-based version of Fusion 360, codename Project Leopard. Develop3D got the scoop.

"There are a couple of things to note - this isn’t an exact match for Fusion 360’s current client-based toolset - you’ll notice that some things are missing and some are configured differently.

It’s also key that this shouldn’t be seen as “Fusion Moving to the Browser”. Nope. This looks to be about giving folks access to their data and tools in those cases where they need them and the software isn’t to hand, can’t be installed or in emergencies. That’s something we know, from our own research, is what’s driving an interest in the cloud-based technologies."


Gauntlet thrown.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out their UI. Why do they keep changing everything? Every time I see an F360 demo the feature list is in a different place.