Project Valerie. Triple display laptop. Yes, please

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Oh my. Razer debuted a triple display (gaming) laptop at CES this week. Sadly, it’s only a concept and catered toward gaming. They do have a shot on the project page of it being used for video editing though.


The insanity must be stopped. Yet I want one. :grin:


I was checking out the specs. It’s amazing how they’ve kept the thickness down-1.5". And perhaps more amazing, they’re pushing those three 4k displays with a single Nvidia GTX 1080. Things weighs 12lbs though!


Portable desktop computer! Pretty impressive though. Does it require 3 phase power though? :smile:


Lol. It’s own little grid.


May need it’s own portable mini wind turbine.


Oh man. It was stolen the last day of CES. This person who took it will have trouble not standing out at the coffee shop.


220, 221, whatever it takes.


and now this :astonished: :


A very nice monitor. :+1:


The music makes it sound like they’ve cured cancer.