Redesigning The Firehose Nozzle

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Firehose Nozzle

I wish we had this nozzle back in the day when I was a young volunteer firefighter. It has quite a few great features.
The crutch type support helps hold the nozzle in position from the back pressure exerted by the water flow. A very great design feature I think.


This is a nice concept for mostly comfort and balance. But was it considered in terms of it been carried about like up a ladder or through uncomfortable spaces?
Yet I love the design


@greenlad, I think this nozzle design is geared more towards the larger flow nozzle like a 2" or 2 1/2" line. The shoulder support is adjustable allowing you to bring it all the way down if you were needing to get into a tighter spot. Mostly it would be used in a defensive position allowing one firefighter to maintain the hose instead of two or three sometimes.


Design looks cool, but the scale looks a bit large, no? Could tear his arms right off :smile: