Repurposing A Container Ship Into A Superyacht


Core77 Superyacht

In what may be the best showcase of recycling ever. The Vard 1-08 Kilkea a former container ship was converted into a superyacht.

The ship has an ice class rated commercial hull and is able to stock enough supplies to stay a sea for 30 days while cruising along at 12 knots.

It was a bargain at a mere 72 million dollars to construct it. It does of course have a helipad proposed for it.
The ship accomodates 36 in 18 cabins. So invite you can invite your friends for a 30 day cruise


That is just stinkin’ impressive. I love the hull shape. Massive.


It’s a great reuse of a ship that normally would have been scrapped. More of a super sized houseboat/houseship with lots of amenities.