Sharpr3D is Developing A iPad Pro CAD App

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It’s in the early stages, but you all need to see this. Thoughts?


Wow, that is really impressive from a UI standpoint. Looks a lot like SpaceClaim.


Seems pretty simple to use. Smooth transitions in everything it did. I’m impressed.


This is what Onshape Mobile should be!


I’m sold on it. It’ll be interesting what is available in a year.


Some more from founder/developer, Istvan Csanady:

Just a few notes:

  • the app is for iPad Pro+Apple Pencil only
  • it is a solid modeling app
  • it can export STEP, IGES, STL and import STEP, IGES
  • the basic pencil interaction can cover up to 75% of your modeling, without using any tools
  • but we have a lot of tools as well, sweeping, lofting, booleans, offsetting etc.
  • it is super precise, we have a really smart snapping engine
  • in the video, we did not use any tools, only the basic pencil interaction: