Sharpr3D is Developing A iPad Pro CAD App

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It’s in the early stages, but you all need to see this. Thoughts?


Wow, that is really impressive from a UI standpoint. Looks a lot like SpaceClaim.

Seems pretty simple to use. Smooth transitions in everything it did. I’m impressed.

This is what Onshape Mobile should be!

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I’m sold on it. It’ll be interesting what is available in a year.

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Some more from founder/developer, Istvan Csanady:

Just a few notes:

  • the app is for iPad Pro+Apple Pencil only
  • it is a solid modeling app
  • it can export STEP, IGES, STL and import STEP, IGES
  • the basic pencil interaction can cover up to 75% of your modeling, without using any tools
  • but we have a lot of tools as well, sweeping, lofting, booleans, offsetting etc.
  • it is super precise, we have a really smart snapping engine
  • in the video, we did not use any tools, only the basic pencil interaction: