Sinterit Desktop SLS Printer!?

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Anyone looked into the Sinterit Lisa or see it at Euromold? Apparently they have plans for more colors and materials next year. Cost is 6,990 EUR ($7832 USD).

Oh, and it’s a complete build, not a DIY kit like the Sintratec.


No video?


LOL, that’s exactly why I ask! Has that botObjects feel to it! The only video I found was the founders talking with some example parts, no machine. Very skeptical.

I’ve reached out to them. A wager on if we’ll get any action shots or real images of the machine?


If they haven’t shown anything is because they don’t have it! I’m sure they figured the Technology and it is possible product, but I don;t think they are 6mo from shipping… if so they would have had a working prototype on that tradeshow, not just sample prints