So This is What Nanofiltration Can Do

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One of the more interesting water filtration systems I’ve seen. Uses nanofiltration

CamelTrain uses advanced eco-friendly and economical membrane technology, eliminating the need for replacement filters, UV bulbs, chemicals, and mountains of water bottles. The CamelTrain relies on membranes which force water (under pressure) through pores too small for harmful elements to pass, allowing clean water to flow out through a middle channel.”

Love the idea and simple tech behind it. The cost ($3500 list) is so high, though :frowning:

Nimon Bondurant is the creator. Took him ‘a year and a half and 42 builds’ to design.

He is going after funding here where the units are available starting at $2450:


$3500 is not a terrible cost if you break it down and share it. If you are using it in a remote area among 3 or 4 families the cost per family drops to 1k or less. Ramped up production of course over time reduces cost per unit. An incredibly useful device still.


Yes, true. But for a developing country/impoverished population seems more like the range of an NFP or Gov organizations that would be sending filtration systems in.


I can see charitable groups, church groups, etc. Raising money to buy these and send them.


Isn’t this just plain old reverse osmosis?