Solid Edge Portal


Siemens PLM now has a free platform for cloud-based project collaboration. Anyone use this yet?

Free, cloud-based file management

  • Upload and manage your files in cloud-based project folders
  • Free access to 5GB of file storage
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Store almost any file type

Online CAD file viewing from any device

  • Browser-based access for viewing CAD files on phone, tablet, Chromebook, Mac, PC and more
  • Share files with your shop floor, customers or partners
  • Explore models with viewing tools: rotate and pan, section, and automatic assembly explode
  • Capture feedback with markup

Secure sharing and collaboration

  • Secure password-based access
  • Encryption on upload and download
  • Access control allows you to define download or view-only


Yes. It’s GrabCAD, but by Siemens. That’s as far as I got playing with it. While it’s in Beta, it’s free. I have yet to see anything in the future that tells me what the pricing structure is going to be. Any amount greater than zero means I’ll stick with GrabCAD.


The problem with these systems if the Native CAD App itself. In the case of SolidWorks, the fact that the Software does not know or care how you’re managing files; this is true even for SW-PDM. SolidWorks load sequence will break and corrupt any system, for these solutions to work flawlessly SolidWorks needs to allow the Overwrite of the load sequence in API.


GrabCAD for SE… is what I was thinking. Is this what Solid Edge users are asking for? I could see the desire for secure collaboration, but yeah, GrabCAD. The end of TeamPlatform did leave a bit of a space for something better though.


No Solid Edge users that I know of, personally or via the Siemens PLM Forum, are asking for this. I could wager a few guesses as to what this is and where it is going. They would be educated guesses, but still guess, so I’ll refrain from publicly doing so.