SolidWorks 2016 is Here

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Well, well, well. SolidWorks 2016 is about to be released. The launch event is this week with a live stream tomorrow from SolidWorks. Any questions SolidSmack should ask?

I’m thinking they’ll release a bigger size SolidWorks with a Stylus (sold separately of course!)…

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It’ll need a nice long name, like SolidWorks Stylustical Conceptualistular. Oh, and keyboard?


Yawn. Anybody bored yet?

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Is this the C-SPAN Channel?

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I heard C-CPAN turned it down citing poor ratings.


Is the stream down for you guys as well?

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Yeeep. As soon as it started. It’s finished. Last I heard (five times in a row). “The world is filling up very quickly. Everybody is living in cities…” then nothing.

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is back on!


Runs on the browser.

yes, Including the iPad Pro… (air, and mini)

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Wondering what a certain Keyshot marketing manager is thinking right about now…


Haha…, was thinking the same…

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Laughing like an idiot in the coffee shop right now.

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I missed that about SW online edition on the stream. What did they say?

Gian Paolo, just went to a SW Trial site (looked similar to and opened SW in Chrome on a Chromebook, then showed an assembly on a Macbook Air, and said it would run on an iPad…

that was about it…

Ahh, ok. From this tweet, I assume they’re using

Looks like it! but based on how little they showed/talked about it, i’m assuming is far from being available to customers

Just wasted 2+ hours of my day… :unamused:

the Online Edition is cool, but if is just branded in SW, then no real news there…

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I’m trying to write down highlights and questions. Any come to mind?

To me it was VERY Interesting that there wasn’t any mention whatsoever of their CONCEPTUAL product line… they are supposed to be Solidworks right sarcastic wink?

No mention of the 3DX or the Cloud at all! when GPB had his opening words seemed to be the event was going to go in that direction…