SolidWorks Xdesign

This was the big announcement on day 1 of SolidWorks World, along with a strong focus on the new ‘SolidWorks Innovation Platform’ – Dassaults web-based initiative and obvious answer to Onshape and Fusion 360.

My question. Do you understand how SolidWorks, 3DExperience, the Innovation Platform, mySolidWorks, SolidWorks Online Edition and Xdesign all fit together?

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A fool and his money are… Wait… And now it’s called Xdesign

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At this point, I’m not too concerned with how they fit together. I’m tired of the “X” branding. If the name starts with an X and it is not a xylophone, I’m not buying. I prefer marimba and vibes anyway.

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Here’s the video:

Sort of reminded me of the Infinity ads from 25 years ago. So the message is that you can design stuff while in the office or on the beach. Right?

Wow. So wait, is this separate from industrial conceptual / industrial design / whatever? This is getting hilarious.


This makes me wonder if they are just taking the same back-end code, adding a flashy new marketing message behind it, and reselling it under a new name.

I’m guessing, purely guessing, that the other apps weren’t selling as well as expected (And why would they at those prices?), so they are just shining the same turd to hit up another audience for potential sales without having to lose face over completely misjudging the market on the original ideas. That French pride and all.

At least the apps for kids is a great idea.

Ok, here’s the explanation, as it was explained to me by Kishore, of how all this works together. I think if Dassault would have explained this years ago, at least the concept of the 3DExperience platform, there would be much less confusion and backlash.

So, mySolidWorks is the web-based hub for all SolidWorks products, both desktop (SolidWorks, MDB, SWCD, SWID, Visualize, Composer, etc.) and cloud (Xdesign, Xdrive, etc). All of this together makes up the ‘SolidWorks Innovation Platform’. Dassault’s 3DExperience platform is the underlying layer that provides the tech/services for all of those products (just as parasolid kernel, owned/developed by Siemens, is used by those products).

Make sense?

There are these things called Diagrams… DS should try those and less blah blah blah…

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Make sense?

I mean, sure, I understand the words you are saying. I still think it’s Just Plain Dumb to introduce products this way.

So I never got an answer before: is this related to Industrial Design and Mechanical Conceptual? Or is this something else entirely? I’m confused.

Is something else… nothing was mentioned about collaboration/integration with all of the other platforms (SW, MC, ID…)

I hate the 3DS marketing garbage. SolidWorks marcomm team was really great at showing real people making real things with SolidWorks, and in a way that seemed relatable and approachable. I can only cringe at the cliche corporate boopety boop these guys are dishing up.

Sigh. I miss SolidWorks.

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Yep! the General Sessions just to be my favorite part of SWW… now they are the least favorite part :disappointed_relieved:

SWCD and SWID are desktop products, Xdesign is web-based product. They all use the same technology though. They’re all part of the ‘SolidWorks Innovation Platform’ (family of SolidWorks products) that are intended to work together with each other.

Who knows how their products are going to change over the years. Some have come and gone (Live Buildings, N!fuze) and there were others mentioned (3DExperienceCity, Apps for Kids).

It’s not just a single product anymore. That’s what hasn’t been communicated so well and is getting increasingly harder to handle as a user who just wants that one great 3D modeling solution.

What they showed of Xdesign is interesting though, and I’ll certainly try it out.

Was a bit all over the place this year wasn’t it?

That’s what I told my coworkers that where confused by this:

SolidWorks WORLD is becoming something like Autodesk University…

An event that is for more industries and no longer is specific for SOLIDWORKS (as in SolidWorks, the Mechanical Design Software).

What does NetVIBES (as awesome as it is) have to do anything with SW users…???

It’s part of the 3DExp platform now. It’s ultimately a dashboard for anything, and part of it will be a IFTTT-type conditional functionality between softwares and hardwares. So yeah, those capabilities could be seen within various SWx products.

Just posted this. Hope it helps break it down a little more.

SolidWorks Xdesign, Innovation Platform and What It All Means

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