Soundproof chamber for Makerbot

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Thinking of building something like this. Any ideas or suggestions?


This looks like a fun (little) project! :man_with_gua_pi_mao:


A server rack would work. Some are even enclosed. Another option is modifying a hardcase for an amp/music gear. Both can be found supa cheap on Craigslist.


Brill. Will defo start looking for a pre-built solution. Much more gooder than DIY!


Ah snap, but racks are 18", and the 'bot is closer to 20". Looks like a Pellican 1630 would do it, though I’d have to get creative about how to get power and a spool into there while it’s running. Plus the Pellican cases aren’t meant to be used in an upright orientation. The EL30 is super close, but just a hair too shallow.

Sigh. A quick MDF box with egg carton foam inside might actually be the easiest option. If I wanna get fancy I can throw some wheels, handles, and corner-protectors on it, maybe even some kind of vinyl exterior.


Sheesh, Makerbot should have thought of it being too small for a EL30. FAIL.

MDF would be nice. How hot does the machine get? Would a plexiglass box do? Reminded of the plexi-drum cages for sound dampening, and just thinking it would be much lighter.


Plex would be fun. Joinery would get interesting, but it would be nice to be able to see inside. Not as durable for transport, but I’m not planning on doing that very often. I was worried about the weight of an MDF box as well, but isn’t weight kind of a given with anything sound-proof-ish?


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