Source3 and Capcom Create 3D Printed Cover Art For Street Fighter V

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Today we’re announcing the debut of our 3D Printed Cover Art for Street Fighter V at Comic-Con in conjunction with Capcom. It’s the first of hopefully many more covers to come from this storied franchise and brand. I’ve attached a PDF version of it to this email, and a live version will be circulated via PR Newswire and published on our site at 10 am EST. This item is available for purchase directly from the show floor (and online) exclusively on our Amazon storefront. You can learn more about here on our landing page.

Source3 is a large-scale licensing and distribution platform for 3D content with a focus on brands and premium content. We have been working quietly since last October but will be making more and more noise as the months progress. With former licensing gurus from RightsFlow (acquired by Google in 2011) and veterans of the 3D space most recently from 3D Systems, we feel as though we have the right team in place to help tackle and move forward the complex issues of licensing premium content into the 3D ecosystem.

Link to press release here.

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Love this concept. 3D printed cover art? Brilliant.

Took a little bit to find an image, but came across the product on Amazon! Click to embiggen and see the layer detail…

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