Start your engines


So @joshmings and @simon, are we ready to rock this thing? All we have yet to do is port over the MCADForums stuff, yeah? What else?

Simon, what do you think about The Hopper as an Asana alternative? Ready to give it a try?

BTW, are we going to remap the MCADForums domain to point at the 3D Tools category?


Ready to rock!

I think it’ll be nice to try something else out and see if it sticks!


Cool. You wanna take charge of transferring things over from Asana, then inviting the team?


Sounds good - so I just plug each item into its respective category? Is the team signed up here yet?


See instructions in The Hopper. Basically everything goes directly into The Hopper, but then gets tagged with the appropriate status.


MCadForums will redirect to I’m looking into a way to message people who come from there. It may be that we just send an email telling them of the switch.


In the ‘About…’ for each category we should definitely have a list of suggested tags.


One step ahead of ya, Nancy.


Yep, exactly why I mentioned it :slight_smile: Will need to add some additional to line up with boards from Mcad.


Everything that was in Asana has moved over to ‘The Hopper’ and I will add some more topics as they roll in. Josh, I didn’t do anything with your queued posts in Asana since I figured you’ll just clear those out as you go.


The ones you added are already claimed as WIP by authors, right? How do we want to designate that? Maybe just add a comment to each with the @username for the appropriate person?


Those have been WIP for months - if the authors even remember/care then they can reclaim them?


Ah, okay. Carry on, then!


Yeah - @username seems to work best? Can somebody switch the author of a topic over to themselves, alternately?


I think we can do it all in comments. We don’t switch authors often, so I think it’s cool for somebody to just pipe up and say “hey @SoAndSo, butt out. I’ll take it from here.”


Sounds good to me then!


And that’s how MCADForums got killed…

So where are the all the post from MCADForums? Did you guys ever migrated them? Virtually no posts about Autodesk Inventor, mostly some advertising.


Just as I thought…the MCADForums have never been migrated. Such a shame…



So…how is the porting of MCADForums going?


Right :slight_smile: obviously, we decided against importing the posts from MCADForums - we decided this for several reasons, but the main reason is that many were just outdated and not longer getting activity. This along with the effort of slicing bits of that database out and putting into this one, just didn’t make much sense.

We had some issues here with email notification, but things are running smoothly now. We’ll be sharing post regularly on solidsmack and out to the followers on social media, so I would encourage people to post their questions, or share their insight.