Surface Book Review!


We didn’t get a hold of one (yet), but Tested did.


Super review. A very interesting device. Is it worth the $1900 for the entry level though?


As much as I’m loving the MS Book, No one has recognized or even mentioned that Lenovo did the something with the Thinkpad Helix, 3 years ago…In terms of the concept of the device.


And, you didn’t hear it from me :wink: but just wait for what Lenovo is unveiling at AU this year.


They went out of their way to put a gpu and battery in the detachable keyboard which is outstanding but it’s gimped w/ only 1gb vram… and they don’t say which gpu it is.


They said it’s a custom one based on the Maxwell architecture.


Is this what you were… “not” talking about:



That’s the one! Finishing a write-up on it now. We’ve had a chance to try it out and… ohhhhh man.