SW2017 Launch Stream

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Man, SW needs to hire some Marketing people ASAP… their Live Launch event was as exciting as watching paint dry…


I think they have a whole crew of marketing people :slight_smile:

What did you think about everything?


Same as always, all their updates were vague AF:

-Announcement of products that are not ready (will mostlikely never be)
-The actual 2017 demo’s where the same as what they had on their website
-The SaaS licensing is great, but yet unclear, no details provided
-Customer Stories should not be part of Launch Events
-Launch Events should be more technical less PR


Yes, I was thinking the same thing, but only got to see the initial live session. The people there would have had more access and ability to dig deeper, but I’m not seeing anything beyond what was shown and what’s on the demo site :confused: