Tetra 4D Project Meteor

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Wondering what you all think of this. TechSoft 3D will be revealing it at AU in a couple weeks.

“Tetra4D Project Meteor is a new plugin application developed by Tech Soft 3D that allows users to easily create rich customized 3D PDF documents! You can create technical data packages (TDP), spare parts catalog, work instructions, and much more, all without knowing JavaScript. With the power of Tetra4D Converter, you can easily convert native CAD files from the 20 most commonly used CAD formats to a fully interactive 3D PDF document.”

Looks exactly like Composer… What’s the price for this?

It does, doesn’t it? Although, I guess, in PDF form? I’ve asked about the price.

Yes, you save Composer files as 3D PDFs that’s been there since I started using it in 2008

So, I got a chance to see this at AU. It’s a very impressive interface and they’ve got some very nice features to create these 3D PDFs. It basically starts off as an image with a areas defined for different elements. You drag, drop, size, update settings and it does the rest.

This would be phenomenal for use on the shop floor, potentially bringing in more features than what Composer or eDrawings does.

One use case was using it as a certification doc, where measured values could be entered and show pass/fail against the drawing dims.

Still no price, although I don’t think it would be over the price for a seat of Adobe Acrobat ($450 desktop), although I think this adds heaps more value to creating PDFs than what one does with Acrobat right now.