Toss this drone in the air, and be awesome like you just don't care

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Meet Lily.

This is more what I imagine future drone use to be like. Everyone with their own little drone assistant to film them… open doors, fend off would-be assailants, etc.

Thanks @JeffMirisola for the tip!


Very nice, looks more consumer friendly than the other options out there. On a side note, I’m beginning to get annoyed by ALL these hardware/software startups using the same music and theme for their promos…


Take my money. Please. My jaw dropped when he threw it in the river. I need this.


I’m with @adam


Glad I could help out!


It’s like your some sort of evil genius that does good.


Another one bites the dust!


Oh man! This is no bueno!!


Yeah this croudfunding thing is getting bad… at this point at don’t know what’s worst: not knowing of cool products, or knowing we could have cool products and them see them fail and be gone forever