uMake 3D Sketch App Has Been Released

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Oh dang. I’m having a ‘we are in the future’ moment. uMake is finally here. They were featured in the 2015 Apple Keynote and we covered them on SolidSmack here.

Long story short, it’s the 3D sketching app we’ve been waiting for since, oh… 2008 (seriously, like for real.)

It’s officially available on iTunes for iPad today - for FREE. (Pro version available.)

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Finally!!! but $14.99mo… was not expecting that :relieved:

Hi Adrian, thanks!

Today apps become more powerful, sophisticated (and fun) - it takes much more time, effort and great talent to keep innovating and supporting these kind of apps. uMake is one of them - we bootstrapped for almost 2 years, just because we love what we do and really want to make a difference and help others to express their ideas in 3D.

Eventually, we’re looking for the support of our community. We think a monthly payment of $14.99 (or $12/mo on a yearly basis) is fair and if we can save you at least 1 hour a month, you already covered these expenses for that month. Subscription based model means that we are obligated to support and improve uMake constantly to create the best experience for you.

I hope that makes sense and would love to continue the discussion around pricing and business models - as you know, we’re creating a unique product in a new platform and any feedback would be apperciated!


Hi Evi!

Don’t get me wrong I totally understand the level of awesomeness you guys have achieved and the amount of work that goes/went into it. I’ve have not tried uMake (will do as soon as I get home today), but the price seems reasonable from what I’ve seen.

I’m commenting as someone that does not do design for a living, it is one of my passions, but is mainly a hobby, so my need and resources probably fall right in between of your free and Pro versions.


That’s a good feedback and we do think there’s a room for other tiers as well (students, hobbyists and more).

We’re working hard on bringing more great things to uMake and that way we could support other use-cases and audience that are interested in uMake.

Thanks again!