Upgrading to Windows 10

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So Windows 10 is out now – a complete update of Windows with a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users. I’m on Windows 7 and getting the free upgrade prompt from the taskbar. I’m usually gung-ho to get the latest, shiniest, but am kinda ‘meh’ after Windows 8.

What’s your experience? Is is working well with your 3D software like SolidWorks, Solid Edge, etc?

I spent 2 days just going through all the settings after the change from 8.1 to 10 on my Surface Pro 3. I haven’t migrated my Windows 7 desktop yet.

Performance is slower, which is typical of an OS upgrade compared to a clean install. Since the Surface Pro 3 is both table and PC, I’m still toying with whether or not I prefer tablet mode or standard mode. Standard mode is too small for touch screen, but it is more convenient. Standard mode will be my default when docked with a full size mouse and keyboard. But I typically run tablet mode when mobile.

I don’t have any comment on the IE replacement yet. But MS still needs more apps in its store.
Solid Edge and Fusion 360 still run fine, and that without SE officially being supported on that OS.


I had Windows 10 install on the first day it was available. Although the install was straight forward (from Windows 7) It took me the best part of a day (over the weekend) sorting out drivers for a HP Probook. Bonus is it fixed a few graphic problems I had.with YouTube not running is Firefox (without disabling Add-In), TweetDeck show Black & PhotoView Preview showing Black! (But that more about this HP computer more than the software!)

I still have an issue with Window Apps and the Store showing “Trial period expired” and not running
Overall Window 10 has a much faster start up and a good interface. So far so good

SOLIDWORKS 16 runs without an problem. SW15 has a few strange crashes when selecting icons (open) I believe this may be more of an issue with SW16 being installed as well as SW15. Need to do a repair on the SW15 install


I’m still holding off installing Windows10 on my Dell M4600…to paranoid that’ll hose up my SolidWorks install. Have you been able to confirm that your crashes are due to SW16 being installed as well?

I installed windows 10 on my laptop and on my desktop, and had two widely different experiences with it. My desktop the install was smooth and fast and using the UI is great, but I had the opposite experience with my laptop. Windows 10 was horrible and ran ridiculously slow, 15 minute boot ups and it would take minutes for the start menu or file explorer to pop up. Overall I really like windows 10, and I am going to give it another shot on my laptop. As for running CAD on windows 10 I haven’t really tried anything aside from Blender and Fusion 360, which runs just fine.

Was looking into how to do a clean install and this was the most helpful info I found. Still haven’t done it yet (making sure everything is backed-up), but this will be the process I use for update and clean install for Windows 10.


If you use a different directory for your user folder other than the C: drive, you have to do a clean install. Considering a lot of new computers are using two hard drives now Microsoft should’ve anticipated this and made it easier to migrate your default user directory.

Well, I’ve upgraded, but not too please with the parts that are terrible. A couple good references for turning things off.

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I upgraded a couple of weeks ago and am actually happy with the results so far. Nothing seems messed up, SW '15 & '16 work fine. Still getting used to some of the interface, but no major complaints.

I have no desire to upgrade to something that is “Great” except for the “Parts That Are Terrible”. I’ll stick with Win 7 for now and stay away from the bleeding edge of MS for as long as possible. On my next laptop, I may rip off the MS OS and install Linux.

At this point I have no reason to “upgrade” to 10. 8 was horribly buggy (still is in some parts) and 7 is working quite well for me.

By the way, some of the terrible privacy bits in 10 are also installed with Windows updates in 7 and 8. This article spells out which updates are problematic and what to do to eliminate them:

As someone who regularly deals with intellectual property, I take this sort of thing quite seriously.

As Rod alluded, Linux looks better every day.

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Also had to delete the “stealth download” of 4GB of Win10 the MS rammed down onto my hard drive sometime last week. Took a bit of seaching to find that the Windows Disk Cleanup would delete the mess.