Vivaldi Browser

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Late to the ballgame on this, but have been using Vivaldi browser over the past week and LOVE it. Asking myself why I didn’t start using it sooner!

It uses MUCH less memory than Chrome (even with multiple tabs), has better tab management, better options, customizable keyboard shortcuts and gestures and supports Google Chrome extensions.

Bye-bye Chrome!


I was all in until I found out there’s no Dashlane support. What are you using for passwords?


Yep, it supports Dashlane!


Weird. I can’t get it to work. :frowning:


Click the image over to the right side of this page.

Then you should see a pop-up that asks if you want to install.


Right, worked that out on my own. The impala shows up in the top bar, but it’s grayed out and doesn’t ever activate, even when Dashlane is running. I’ve tried restarting, etc. Nothing seems to activate it.