Wet Weather Phone Calls

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Yanko Design

Ever try to answer a phone call on your smart phone in the rain while strolling along the city street holding your umbrella. Quite a pain to do to so. Designer Kyungjin Noh has come up with a solution to solve that issue. No more near misses of dropping your high dollar hand held device on the ground.

So, behold the Bluetooth Umbrella

Spiffy protection from the rain, snow, and drizzle with built in Bluetooth, speaker, microphone, and volume controls.
A camera would have been topping on the cake!
Also, comes in some nice colors on the handle too.


I have the Samsung Gear S3, so I can’t relate to this issue :yum: I just answer on the watch


That’s good @Adrian_Diverso. You have an option for communication in wet weather that is already hands free for you. 🖒


@Adrian_Diverso , do you think it is a useful integration of technology by the designer?


Honestly no, this would just make the Umbrella’s expensive. Living in San Diego, at 33 I’ve never own an umbrella, but I think designing something that is more of an “attachment” and fits most umbrella models would be a better solution.

Heck it would probably fit other personal/household items; you could strap this device to your bicycle handlebars, a spoon so that you don;t have to stop eating your cereal to answer the phone… you get the idea.