What ever happened to detailed car cutaways?

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We need more Countachs and F40s and 959s, exotica capable of setting the world on fire. Because anything less is just a car. The Countach 5000 QV is an archetype: four-valve V12, six-figure sticker price, styling like a Grumman Autobot. Three decades later, the Aventador SV doesn’t stray far. Good, we say. Life needs cooler doors, more alarming sensations.


Cutaways in CAD are so lame by comparison. Somebody needs to build a better tool for that.


I used to (and still do) love looking at these kind of cutaways as a kid. The amount of detail…! Doesn’t Solidworks Composer have tools for this?


Ok, I’m an F1 fan and a few years back the Sauber Team did cut a Formula One car in half. Cool!


This is really cool! :smile:


That was awesome. Thanks for that. Steve.


Oh. yes.


Thanks for the input everybody.

This was posted on SolidSmack on 07/27/15:

Watch How Filmmakers Created a Real-Time Video Cutaway of a Motorcycle Engine


Cutaways were what got me started in design…I used to love the detailed car drawings in every motor magazine in the 70s and 80s. Even did some myself when I started!

This is a great site for those that like these…


Mini still does them but it’s probably done in NX.