What mouse are you using?

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So a few hours ago my bmw/tt level 10m gaming mouse died and now I need to order a new one. I’m interested in what you guys use or what’s on your radar for next work mouse?

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I use a Wacom tablet.

I have a small older intuos but I never got used to it outside of photoshop/illustrator. A previous co-worker uses one as well and the only program he has to use is alphacam lol

How long did it take to get used to it doing 3d work?

I just picked up a corsair m65 gaming mouse for the meantime…

I use a Logitech MX Revolution (have used i for a few years) and love it! have all the buttons customized.

How long did it take to get used to it doing 3d work?

Oh, it’s hard to say. It’s been so long now that I can’t even remember a time when it didn’t feel natural. I would say it probably took at least a year, though, which sounds insane when I say it out loud. But it’s been a fantastic investment in my own physical comfort. I used to get a lot out of RSIs, but no longer.

I’ve got a Logitech Performance MX that replaced my old MX Revolution whose button I wore out. It doesn’t fit my hand quite as well as the Revolution did but generally works well.

About a year ago the left-click button began randomly either double-clicking or dropping when held. That makes CAD work very difficult and unpredictable, and moving/copying files very dangerous (where might it randomly drop a selected project?). After weeks of this slowly driving me insane, I picked the mouse up several inches off the desk surface and slammed it back down as hard as I could (figured I’d solve the problem one way or another). Instead of breaking the mouse, it fixed it. I didn’t really expect that, but I couldn’t tolerate the button bugs anymore.

Took a few days for my hand to get over the bruising. Tough mouse.


Oh so that’s what that is? I’ve noticed it seems harder to do small moves and feels like my wrist has fatigue. I thought the dpi or something just changed.

Logitech M510 on desktop, but looking at a Wacom.

My fav though, is the little Logitech M325 mobile mouse. Super smooth scroll, response and battery life.


Logitech M570 Trackball


Nice. There was a microsoft one 8-10 years ago I used forever. The smaller footprint and shorter height is easier on the wrist. I also use the navigator for notebooks because of the size.

I’ve had the MX Revolution since launch. All the soft touch is worn off and the rubber in the thumb area is worn through to the hard plastic. I’ve had my eyes open for a good replacement.

Maybe I should sell mine, considering Newegg’s price. :smile:


MX Master! Easily the best mouse I’ve ever used (and it better be for $120). Replaced my MX Performance that caused my hand to cramp up because of being slightly smaller in my palm.


I also use a 3D Connexion Space Navigator when I’m working in 2D/3D CAD!


I’m using a Logitech M705 (love the fast-scroll mode!), but I try to use my Wacom tablet whenever I do 3D/CAD modeling.

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I’m grad to see I’m not the only advocate of the Logitech M570 Trackball. Would never use a mouse again (it would have to be special to get me to do so)
Interestingly that more people don’t do so.

I use a Logitech Anywhere MX for my laptop and fell in love with the middle mouse button being a button and not the wheel.
My gaming mouse is a Logitech M705. Both have a few extra buttons and each button can be customized per application. The M705 has a cool thumb button that has become my enter key in most CAD applications. You just squeeze the mouse with your thumb rather than finding a button. Quite cool!

My complaint is the double click mouse issue @idesignhaus referred to. I have run through two Anywhere MX mice and two of whatever model was before it. After about a year I run into the dreaded random double click issue. Now I simply go buy a new one and sell the old one on e-bay for parts. I guess you can break it opened and solder a new switch in but I just don’t have time for that. If you look up this issue on their forums its all over the place there. This is a common issue. This is my only complaint. I feel a $60 dollar mouse should last more than a year or two of heavy use. (no abuse… but after reading idesignhaus’s comment, maybe I do need to abuse it)

I love the feel/shape of these mice and if one of them was to fail I would get another just like it.

Cadmouse… and I LOVE it with the Cadmouse pad… I never used and seriously disliked mouse mats, but 3Dconnexion have really stepped it up with theirs. I don’t notice that the mouse is wired until I have to travel with it. I love how well it sits in my hand, and that I don’t have to install another driver, but get to configure it just like my Spacemouse.

It’s built for CAD use, not gaming use. Context sensitive, CAD orientated programmable commands right on my mouse are wicked.

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Did you have any issues with the sensitivity on the side buttons? I got a replacement and still hit them occasionally when moving my hand from keyboard to mouse, sending be back a page in browsers. I find it a bit bulky compared to my smaller/lighter M510.

I’ve had a few as I’ve been testing them for 3DConnexion. I should mention that I haven’t bought my own. However, having experienced it with the mousepad, I wouldn’t hesitate in buying one.

I don’t find it bulky, it fits the size of my hand perfectly, and I love that I don’t have to fiddle about with a small mouse. The mousepad makes it insanely nimble. Do you have a mousepad to go with it Josh?

Regarding the buttons, and hence why included the first paragraph, they’ve put a lot of effort into those side buttons. Specifically trying different levels of preload. The first prototype I tested, they were too loose, the pre-production model was too tight and that’s when I experienced accidentally activating those buttons when I pushed the mouse about. I thought I was going mad, until I discussed it with the 3dx team. However, I find the preload in the production version to be pretty much bang on.

You do have remarkably small hands and a disproportionately large thumb Josh. Maybe that’s why?

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Lol. Yep, that’s it.

I do have the mousepad and love it. Nice size too.

They sent me one for review too, so I’ll be having another go with it.