Who wants to beta test my CAD app?


Hi all,

I’m new here! I hope to be a good contributor to this thriving forum :slight_smile: I’ve recently developed an app to help me with my CAD work. I want to share it with others so they can benefit too. The main goals of developing the app were:

No desktop software needed to view CAD files. All files should render in the browser.
The ability to visually compare the changes between different versions of files.
Full history of each user’s contributions to a file. See exactly who did what, and when.

You might be thinking “but can’t some CAD tools already do that?”. Not consistently across all file formats. I developed this app because existing tools didn’t suit my needs, so that should tell you enough.

I consider this app ‘beta’, so I’m not sharing it publicly yet. I’d really appreciate it if members here would give it a go and give me some feedback. If you’d like to, please send me an email at jackson@stemn.com.

Looking forward to helping you all!


Interested to see why it’s better than GrabCAD or Onshape (I do not doubt it, just interested.)