Will CAD/Design/Manf Be Disrupted by Blockchain Tech?

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Since investing in and exploring various alt-coins and ICOs, I’m becoming more aware of how blockchain tech could disrupt the CAD/Design/Manf industry, and ultimately the entire product lifecycle. Interested in your thoughts too. Some articles to give you some related references:


blockchain was the one missing piece to make it highly feasible:


Haha! Decentralized Intelligence. It’s out there - WATCHING. LEARNING. :slight_smile: Outside the potential abuses of an unconstrained artificially promulgating database, I think this would actually play out pretty well, especially for product designers or those interested in bringing a product to market.

As Francesco Corea puts it is this article on the two, this helps lower the market barriers to entry by “solving two problems, i.e., providing a wider data access and a more efficient data monetization mechanism;”

Loci is one in this space that could shake up the patent and IP side of things.

I see Onshape as a company/product that could benefit from this with a decentralized system powered by its users that in turns feeds development priority or development itself, in turn, building trust for users and potentially a platform that would both verify IP and expand a company’s reach for future products.

Lots of possibilities!