Your preferred 17" Mobile Workstation? Who Should Put One Out?

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So, the options on 17" workstations are pretty limited. I’m using an HP ZBook 17G2 right now, but there are not many options out there. Who should put one out? Apple? Lenovo? Asus?

I think everyone should be making them. Xeons are coming to mobile soon so maybe that will start a revival.

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Agreed. Everyone should be making them and compete with one another.

Didn’t Lenovo USED to have one in the Thinkpad series? W700 and even W700ds with a “dual-screen”. Biggest complaints I always heard from people were weight (just too heavy to want to carry with you) and battery life (not really “mobile” considering you always needed to be next to an outlet).

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msi has an interesting range of 17" Mobile Workstations

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Lenovo just announced the P50 and P70:

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Yep, it’s why I asked :smile:

They had one, but stop production. Their workstation group is back for blood now, it seems. Had a hands-on with it and it’s mighty nice. Still the thick black box, but lightest one I’ve held. Was definitely lighter than the HP ZBook I have now.

Hadn’t thought of MSI. Their little netbooks were the best back in the day. Didn’t know they were after the CAD market!

They previewed the WT72 at Solidworks World this year. They were in Australia early in the year via our SW reseller. At time they were pushing the WS60. Interesting machines. They were keen to push into the CAD market.

When are these xeon skylake laptops gonna be available?